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Former Crescent Puritan Laundry/Eastman Commons – Rochester, NY

Brownfields Cleanup Program                                                                                                  

Client: Developer

PEI Project Manager: Mr. Peter Gorton/John Berry

PEI completed a Phase I/II environmental assessment and remedial action plan to support a due diligence review for property transfer and re-development. Additionally, PEI wrote the BCP application, plans and associated documents to successfully get this project into the DEC BCP program. PEI completed engineering oversight of remediation services including removal of petroleum USTs and soil contaminated with PAHs and groundwater impacted with PCE under the BCP program.

The subject site was three adjacent parcels located in the City of Rochester at the southeast corner of Dewey Avenue and Palm Street. The property contained a vacant approximately 52,000 square foot 2-story brick, former commercial laundry facility which had petroleum tanks and dry cleaning. This facility was demolished as part of the BCP and replaced with the new residential facility. The former facility operated as a commercial laundry (Crescent Puritan Laundry) since at least the late 1920’s to the mid 1970’s or early 1980’s.

Under the BCP agreement PEI as the owner’s consultant completed a work plan to conduct a remedial investigation (RI) prepare a remedial action report (RAR) and identify interim remedial measures (IRMs). The IRMs included remove and dispose off-site the top two feet of soil across the property and replace with clean soil or pavement sections; remove three petroleum USTs and impacted soil and insitu treatment of PCE contaminated groundwater with ORC type compounds. PEI completed project from application through certificate of completion.

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