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Former Drycleaner Site – Rochester NY                                                                                                  

Client: Norstar Development USA, L.P.

Address: 200 South Division Street, Buffalo, New York 14204

Contact: Ms. Linda Goodman

Completion Date: 2007 and Ongoing

PEI Project Manager: Mr. Peter Gorton

PEI completed a Phase I/II environmental assessment and remedial action plan to support a due diligence review for property transfer and re-development. Additionally, PEI wrote the BCP application, plans and associated documents to successfully get this project into the DEC BCP program. Currently PEI is performing remediation services for the removal of petroleum USTs and soil contaminated with dry cleaning solvents under the BCP program. The property has historically been associated with a commercial laundry and dry cleaner. The property contains a vacant approximately 60,000 square foot 2-story brick, former industrial laundry facility. This facility operated since at least the late 1920’s to the mid 1970’s or early 1980’s. Now vacant, plastic fabrication, printing, tool machining, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, and other commercial/retail uses were reportedly associated with the facility through the early 1980’s and 1990’s.  Adjacent properties were historically used to support the laundry facility and historically contained garage and petroleum storage operations most likely to service laundry operations.

A subsurface environmental assessment was completed by PEI at the property. A total of fourteen (14) soil borings were installed at various locations across the property to assess general subsurface conditions and in specific locations. Borings were advanced to an average depth of 10 feet below ground surface using a fully equipped Geoprobe unit which employs direct push technology. The assessment did identify potential recognized environmental condition associated with the property. Petroleum/Petroleum solvent impacted soil was observed above TAGM 4046 recommended soil cleanup guidance levels at various locations across the property. The impacted areas appear to be isolated near separate potential sources. Soil samples collected in the area on the where the former USTs were located indicated remnant soil contamination of gasoline-type compounds.

PEI developed a remedial action plan (RAP) for the property which is being utilized under the BCP program for property re-development. The building is undergoing Demo and PEI installed erosion control Filtrexx products

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