As an environmental engineering firm, BE3 is involved with a range of technical and highly complex projects. In order to deliver the best results to our clients, we rely on structure and organization through efficient project management. Project management consists of the direction, regulation, and supervision of a project from conception to completion.

The construction project manager is highly important on a project. Their role is to plan, coordinate, budget and supervise projects throughout every phase from start to finish. This person is also responsible for providing guidance and expertise to team members. A strong leader must possess certain skills in order to effectively lead a team.

One of these skills includes their ability to establish a functional connection with the numerous teams involved. Every person on the project must feel valued and that their role is important to the project. A strong leader must also create a welcoming environment where team members feel comfortable approaching them if they may run into any issues. Lastly, the project manager must be a good communicator. They are responsible for giving clear direction and consistent communication throughout the entirety of a project. Without these things, miscommunication and problems are more likely to arise.

The BE3 team has the ability to plan and manage task orders on environmental projects nationwide, including:

  • Hazardous, toxic, and radioactive (HTRW) projects
  • Radiological remediation commingled with incidental munitions or hazardous materials
  • Formally utilized sites remedial action program sites (FUSRAP)
  • Landfill permitting, construction and operation
  • Client relations from contract award through task order closeout
  • Multi-year contracts with USACE districts, waste disposal facilities, AFCEC bases and stations, medical facilities, USDOE projects, and state authorities / agencies