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Brownfields Site Investigation/Remedial Alternatives Report and Design-Village of Cattaraugus -Environmental Restoration Program Project For the Former Bush Site, Cattaraugus, New York

Client: Village of Cattaraugus

Address: 14 Main Street, Cattaraugus, New York

Contact: Mr. David J. Rivet, Trustee

PEI Project Manager: Mr. Peter Gorton/Mr. John Berry, P.E.

The Village of Cattaraugus contracted PEI to conduct a site investigation and remedial analysis program for the site. The goal of the project was to complete focused environmental investigations as part of the New York State Department of Environmental Protection (DEC) Environmental Restoration Program to accurately assess the potential for contamination, if any, its source and nature and extent and to develop sufficient data that supports the development of long-term remedial alternatives and/or the completion of an IRM at the site. The work has was completed using NYSDEC Draft DER-10 Technical Guidance for site Investigation and Remediation. The purpose of the site assessment was to verify that material disposed on the property is limited to C&D debris and to further determine the likelihood of contamination associated with past commercial use and past petroleum use on portions of the property. This information allows the identification and screening of various technologies for their capability to meet specific cleanup and redevelopment concept plan objectives. The objective was to minimize or eliminate impacts from the property that effect the potential re-use of the property. As such, the scope of the investigations and/or remediation was tailored to the future use of the site.

The property is the location of the former Setter Brothers/Bush Industries property. Vacant since about 1989, the property consists of approximately 4.43-acres and is currently owned by the Village of Cattaraugus. The property contained the remnants of a 1 and 2-story masonry, steel frame, wood and brick former manufacturing facility which has been mostly demolished. At the start of the project there was a partial steel beam shell and building debris consisting of wood, some steel, concrete and brick across much of the former facility area. The manufacturing facility was constructed around 1900 with several additions added over time. Historical maps of the property indicate that a Standard Oil facility, an apple evaporator, and gasoline service were also formerly associated with portions of the property.

PEI completed a site investigation including collection of soil, surface and groundwater samples; a IRM which included removal of over a 1000-tons of petroleum contaminated soil; a draft SI/RAR and a draft IRM engineering/petroleum spill closure report.

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